Ecological Business Game

- business game software
for learning teams

* Apply in your institute the EBG-software (Ecological Business Game)
for teaching business economics and environmental aspects.

EBG game teaches small groups to work in teams. Markkinamix Oy ja Academic Technicians (TEK ry) have joint ventured the business game software product family.

In the game branch the firms are producting diapers like "Diaper Ltd". Nowadays they are thinking to lance an environmentally friendly diaper Eco-diaper also.

The developments are based on life-cycle analysis and on comparing of environmental results of alternative product-profilings.

In the competition simulation the teams are participating to solve the resources and firm leading.

The group team is studying the budgeting and the profitabilities of the firm.
For the development decisions the environmental perspectives and account are referenced by the LCA - module.

The story of Diaper Ltd has been built into a business game program. Teams are working through several accounting years. All data is accessed by computers.

The lecturer has thus a fascinating way for teaching business economics and environmental issues.

The trainers may learn to do by temselves the business plan in an enthuasting way.

- Takasivulle

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